Zalmay Khalilzad

Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations

I welcome you to my website and my memoir, The Envoy: From Kabul to the White House, My Journey Through a Turbulent World. I hope, in particular, that the stories and lessons about my time as U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations will help illuminate how we arrived at the situation we're in today, and how we should navigate our role going forward. The book offers ideas on how the United States can exercise its power responsibly and prudently in a more dangerous world.



Zalmay Khalilzad grew up in a traditional family in the ancient city of Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. As a teenager, Khalilzad spent a year as an exchange student in California, where after some initial culture shocks he began to see the merits of America's very different way of life. He believed the ideals that make American culture work, like personal initiative, community action, and respect for women, could make a transformative difference to his home country, the Muslim world and beyond. Of course, 17-year-old Khalilzad never imagined that he would one day be in a position to advance such ideas.

“I'm so pleased that Zal has finally written this long overdue book. I'm not given to cultural arguments, but there was something about Zal's effectiveness in the Middle East that seemed attributable to his comfort with the ways of the region -- and better yet, the region's comfort level with him. His perspective is invaluable.”

— Condoleezza Rice

“Zalmay Khalilzad and I were both born abroad, became American, and worked as academics and practitioners of U.S. foreign policy. He has always operated with a positive vision about what America represents in the world. Zal offers compelling insights into what it means to be of two places, and he has a fascinating and gritty story to share of the making of U.S. policy in one of the most complicated and challenging regions of the world.”

— Madeleine Albright








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